Real Time Messaging

Dynamic data plays a key role in today’s digital signage networks and takes on many forms including, news headlines, sports, entertainment, travel, weather information, financial data, and instant messages. This approach doesn't require hiring of talented new reporting and administration staff to get fresh news every day. Just add an RSS content area to your playlist and streaming your favourite source of RSS content.

RSS Feeds

Avistago web feeds benefit broadcasters by letting them syndicate content automatically. Avistago makes it very easy to add dynamic feed content to any playlist or player; turning your broadcast into a valuable source of daily news and capturing the eye of consumers because content is freash everyday.

Fresh daily headlines are delivered to your digital signage players from directly from the avistago server.

  • Keeps your broadcasts fresh
  • Gives you credibility as a source of news and current information
  • Provides a reason for regular visitors to look at todays broadcast
  • Keeps your customers & staff up-to-date

Avistago RSS feed capabilities makes it easy to develop inhouse data feeds, since it ensures that your data will arrive in a standard, accepted format.  That way, instead of spending time deciphering a complex custom information feed, you can focus on presenting the content in the most compelling way possible.

Real Time Messages

Avistago supports the ability to display instant announcement messages above the current broadcast or replace the scheduled broadcast with an emergency alert.  All instant messages are created and managed from our web based administration system, and follow the management approval process plus capture vital management information such as who requested and who approved the instant messages.

  • Announcement messages can be simple such as "Paging Dr Smith", and located in any location on the screen.
  • Alert messages replace all scheduled content immediately and can include independent playlist media, graphic backgrounds and overlay content.

The avistago messaging module allows users to create, manage and post unique messages directly to any a specific player, a player group, all players in a store or all players in a city or province; instant message broadcasts until canceled or expire. An advantage to avistago messaging solution is that no proprietary software needs to be loaded onto the administration PC’s, so any designated person can update messages from anywhere at any time from a web browser. 

The avistago message system is the perfect broadcasting extension to allow your staff or your customers or security personal to upload messages to one or one hundred displays instantly and securely with no broadcasting knowledge. You can also rest assured that only authorised users have access to this very powerful broadcasting option, each annoucement message or alert message must follow the standard management approval process and we record the requester and approver of all messages.

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