Content Distribution & Network Management

The avistago solution not only provides remote hardware based players, web players and our web administration system, we also provide network operations staff to manage your network and servers.

Each remote player will automatically contact the avistago server and download any new content and save this rich media content in a local library. Content delivery can be scheduled for a specific times, or set to happen immediately when requested by your broadcasting staff.

To facilitate delivery of content, any remote player can be configured to act as local media library so that any player on the local network can be request content via the intranet VS internet, dramatically reducing overall external network bandwidth.  

Targeting Content

To facilitate content delivery, players can be configured into player groups, and organized by store, city, state and country. Schedules and campaigns can then be targeted at any of these collections of players.


The power of dynamic digital signage lies in the ability to attract viewers, to achieve this goal you need the ability to plan and monitor what is being broadcast on any player on your network which can be located anywhere in the world.

Our Hosting Services Include

  • 24/7 Monitoring of networks, servers, bandwidth and players
  • LiveView thumbnail view allows you to see exactly what is playing on any remote player in any location
  • Email alerts are automatically dispatched if hardware is not running within pre-defined constraints (disk usage, memory usage, cpu load, monitor status, audio status, frame rates, etc)
  • Email alerts when content has been modified and requires approval
  • Email alerts when schedule have been modified and requires approval
  • Email alerts when player hardware has been modified and requires approval
  • Automatic remote software updates on all players

Once a player has been installed and commissioned it is fully managed using the avistago web administration system, our avistago network operations team monitor the networks, servers, security, and hardware offering 24/7 support.


Large digital signage projects can involve gigabytes of valuable data, images, video, live streams, RSS feeds. The avistago hosting service has the facilities and expertise to handle even the largest broadcasting network.

Often digital signage networks quickly grow from a few local players to regional broadcasting or even world wide deployments, making the content delivery on physical medium costly and impractical. Avistago offers the best alternative for content distribution to remote players because it is fully automatic and centrally located on our servers, so that all players are guaranteed to have the correct content everyday automatically.


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