Digital Signage for Retail

In the current economic market, retail shoppers hit the stores and search for bargains, yet expect a state of the art shopping experience. With every store fervent for the consumer dollars, digital signage in retail makes perfect sense.

Retail digital signage solutions don't have to be a passive observer experience, using avistaGO and a touch screen monitor the consumer can take control of the browsing experience. Pick up a product and scan the item and the consumer can be provided with product comparisons, training videos or product video. Be the first in your area to show shoppers and the new buying experience.

Retail digital signage gives stores the edge they are looking for over the competition, helping to increase revenue while keeping costs under control. Retail digital signage has a proven track record of success for Point-of-Sale, In-store TV, Grocery Stores, and Shopping Mall applications.

Example below was created as a training example. Photograph content all rights reserved by CAN-AM & BRP.

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Move mouse over the broadcast to display interactive controls. If you navigate up the playlist hierarchy you can see the impact overlay content has on a broadcast experience.

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