Digital Signage for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry around the world has embraced what digital signage can offer and why it is a good investment; Tourist Information Centers, Restaurants, Hotels, and Resorts. Digital Signage solutions help tourists acquire the information they need to enhance their vacation experience and advertisers see a positive return on marketing dollars.

avistaGO provides hospitality industry with the complete solution for interactive kiosks or passive broadcasting displays. Digital signage solutions can serve as a 24 hour concierge in a hotel lobby or tourist information center providing tourist attractions, restaurants, restaurant menus, directions, fitness centers, and activity schedules, for a wide variety of tourist needs.

The next time you and your family go on vacation at a look for digital signage solutions at the best hotels, resorts, and tourist information centers. Within the next few years digital signage will become a pleasant vacation experience and part of the hospitality landscape.

Examples of Hospitality Signage

  • Interactive kiosks for local amenities and directions
  • Places to stay such as bed & breakfast, motels, hotels and resorts
  • Local points of interest
  • Local events & schedules
  • Advertising menu specials for local restaurant

See below an example avistaGO broadcast showing sample menu items. This broadcast was created for a Full HD player to tempt guests and enhance the visual experience. This sample broadcast was created as a training exercise for a hospitality industry, it was not created for the Yank Sing restaurant.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Move mouse over the broadcast to display interactive controls. If you navigate up the playlist hierarchy you can see the impact overlay content has on a broadcast experience.

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