avistaGO Web Player

The avistaGO web player supports two primary functions:-

  • It provides a fully integrated rich media broadcasting platform for promoting and advertising.
  • The web player allows authors & approvers to preview broadcasts using a standard web browser from any location around the world.

The avistaGO web Player is fully integrated into the avistaGO administration system so that you can author your Full HD broadcast and Web broadcast at the same time. The avistaGO solution automatically transcodes content to suit each of your in-store players and web players. Playlist navigation is automatically created so that you do not need to be a flash developer or understand programming to create web broadcasts. Everything is easily configured and authored in our web based administration system.

On-demand publishing

Every image and video published on an avistago web player is published dynamically from the avistago digital asset management system. Meaning, you can have multiple playlists of varying dimensions all requesting the same avistago content, and each broadcast receives images tailored-to-fit for optimum image quality. All published content is pre-processed, and pre-approved server-side, for optimum speed, performance and quality.

By using a secure digital asset management system hosted on a remote server we make it easy to find and use your creative media; plus you can allow partners to upload content or re-use your content or broadcasts.

When you buy an avistago player it comes complete with an administration system that allows you to add sales & campaign metadata to all media, creating a playlist is a very simple drag & drop operation. Now all you need to do is approve the content and playlist and assign to you web player. Avistago does not require any scripting or flash knowledge to publish a rich media broadcast.

Next time you want to modify your broadcast all you need to do is sign into the avistago administration system, checkout the player or playlist and change the content using a drag & drop metaphor. When you approve these changes your web player is automatically updated. It’s that easy, no using FTP programs, no updating complex flash slideshow applications.

Web Player Broadcasting

  • The preview broadcast below was authored for a Full HD experience on a 42" plasma screen. The avistaGO solution allows our customers to author content once; broadcasting to Full HD 1080P players and the web using the same playlist and approval process.
  • Move cursor over the web player below to take control of the broadcast. Select playlist button to display current playlist content and select button at the top to navigate up the playlist hierarchy. This broadcast includes 2 primary playlists and 3 sub playlists. The first primary playlist shows the Polaris product line, and the second primary playlist shows some example movie trailers. Each playlist has unique graphic or text overlays, which a rendered in realtime over the content.
Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Web Player Pricing

Avistago web player are $10 per month, plus actual usage charge at $45/Mbit. This monthly price includes hosting, software, web administration system (user adminstration, digital asset management, media transcoding, playlist authoring, and release center)

All system and security updates to the OS and avistago administration system, and all standard supported applications are performed pro-actively.

Technical support is delivered online via the RAD International helpdesk 9AM to 8PM with emergency paging out of hours.

100% network uptime guaranteed. 4 hour response to tickets guaranteed from 8AM to 8PM.

Access to online usage reporting is via the avistago administration system.

Popular Questions

  • Can you explain in simple terms the "actual usage charge"

M/bit per second might not mean much to you; below demonstrates avistago pricing in more practical terms.

1 Mbit/s is equivalent to continuous video streaming at 720p or over 10 GB/day.

If you wish to use avistago to broadcast lots of images, this is a simple guide below should help. The following calculation assume web player resolution RGB 640*360*24 = 5529600 bits = 675KB
1Mbit/s = 1000000 bits/s = 122KB / s

So the equivalent of one 640x360 image every 5.53 sec 24 hour per day times 30 days
15,616 images per day or 468,480 images per month approximately

  • How do I install an avistago web player on my own web site?

Installation of avistago web players is very easy. The avistago administration system generates html embed code that is copied and pasted into one of your web pages. You then upload your web page to your server. This web player is then ready to receive broadcasting content from the avistago administration system.

  • Do I need to install special software or media on my web site to use an avistago web player?

No software, or media or content needs to be uploaded to your local web site, the avistago server hosts all media content and streams video on demand.

  • How can avistago avistago web Players be used by different companies to promote regional attractions or sales campaigns?

An avistago web player can be installed on any number of web sites and web pages at no charge to the promotor. The original creator of this web player is responsible for providing content, paying a monthly service & bandwidth used. For example a tourism operator or local business may purchase an avistago Web Player to promote his business on his own web site or in his location, he could then offer an avistago web player to local hotels, and tourist information centers to help promote his business.

  • Can independent business partners share broadcasting content?

Yes the avistago administration system supports the concept of rights & privileges. One business can allow another business to re-broadcast content; this facility allows local small business to work together.

  • Can I prevent other web sites for using my broadcasting content or avistago players?

Yes web players can be setup to only operate on specific web sites and domains.

  • My company runs multiple web sites, can the same broadcast be displayed on the different web sites?

Yes, each web page or web site that references a avistago specific web player will display the same broadcasting. The broadcasting content can be changed at anytime without requiring changes to any of your web site.

For example the local Chamber of Commerce may choose to display a wide range of different business opportunities on it's web site (Tourism, resorts, hotels, contractors, stores, etc), this would be classified as one web player, that references X playlists from many different local operators. Each business can have full control of it’s broadcasting content and campaigns.

  • Is there an additional charge when a web player is used on different web pages or web site?

If each web site is referencing the same avistago web player, there is no additional charge. The owner and administrator of the web player will be charged a hosting fee and bandwidth usage charges.

  • Our goal is to offer a consistant customer experience regardless of location. Can the same broadcast be displayed on the different web sites & physical locations?

Yes, each avisatago player can broadcast excatly the same content. The avistago server automatically distributes the correct resolution to all players. When you modify the broadcast, all players will automatically update to recieve the lattest content. We recommend that all avistago players that share content adopt the same aspect ratio. i.e. Landscape 16:9 or Portrait 9:16

  • Is there an additional charge when a web player is used on different web pages or web site domains?

If each web site is referencing the same avistago web player, there is no additional charge. The owner and administrator of the web player will be charged the original hosting fee and bandwidth usage charges. For example tourist attraction chooses to purchase an avistago HD players for use on location and web player on there own web site, they could then give a partner business (hotel or tourist information center) the same avistago player to be used on the partner web site.

  • What type of customer support do you provide

All avistago players come with a fully hosted administration system. The avistago web based administration system allows administrators to upload and maintain content and broadcasts to HD players & web players. All content, players, schedules, instant messages, and RSS feeds are hosted on avistago servers, the servers offer RAID 5 redundency and monitored 24/7 with hot line support.

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