Hierarchical Playlist Broadcasting

The avistaGO playlist defines what media should be broadcast and in what sequence the media is played back. Playlists are stored in the digital assist management system under version control and release management control. Each playlist can contain any number of media assets or sub-playlists.

By adopting a playlist hierarchy it is very simple to create mini broadcast for products or collections of media. Each playlist is automatically a library item that can be reused by any player, player group, or schedule. This provides a very powerful environment for group collaboration.

Playlist Overlays

Videos, images, and audio assets can be combined into a playlist to create your broadcast message. Dynamic overlays, such as logos, allow authors to create additional content in a playlist without editing the master media assets. This feature is especially useful where assets are used in multiple advertising campaigns or regionally based messaging for specific target audiences. Within seconds all media in a playlist can have consistent overlays with dynamic content, without the need to redistribute or modify the original media.

Below see an example of the avistaGO playlist overlays.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Playlists support the following customizable features:

  • 4 text overlays
  • 3 graphic (or flash) overlays
  • realtime RSS feed overlays, (e.g. weather, news)
  • playlist navigation and playback controls
  • wide range of transition effects
  • seamless integration of static images and video

Players support the following instant messages:

  • announcement message overlays
  • emergency messages

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