Broadcasting and Distribution

Deliver your message to kiosks, set-top boxes and digital signage systems anywhere in the world.

The avistaGO Multi-media Player

The avistaGO player is designed to deliver your media to kiosks, set-top boxes, and digital signage systems. In addition to video playback, the avistaGO player provides the ability to interact with the customer through the use of touch-screens, motion detectors, mouse input and more. Whether it is used in a set-top box, for corporate communications or to enhance retail customers’ experience the avistaGO player offers a rich end-user experience.

Content Distribution Network

The avistaGO CDN is designed to minimize network load, eliminate redundant network traffic, and ensure that media files are only transmitted to a specific subnet once. For example, if you have 10 players in your store each displaying the same video, the video would be downloaded only once through the Internet and then self-distributed to the other players.

The avistaGO solution does not require complex or expensive network setup and is compatible with modern security practices. By using a secure peer-to-peer network protocol, media files and messages can safely and securely traverse firewalls.

It’s All About the Experience

avistaGO will improve your communications throughout your organization and entire community by offering a single communication conduit. The product suite incorporates technologically advanced features to facilitate the rapid creation, deployment and monitoring of digital information across local area networks or the Internet to dynamic display devices that can be located around the world. The avistaGO suite makes data management simple and intuitive. With its easy-to-use organization, presentation, and overlay capabilities, avistaGO can serve as your visual communication and multimedia organization backbone.

The centrally administrated DAM system means that beyond simple initial setup there is no in-store or on-site technical expertise required to maintain the remote players. Once configured, players stay up-to-date transparently ensuring your latest approved digital media and marketing messaging is presented when and where you expect it.

avistaGO has been designed to help you respond to your marketplace, delivering rich multimedia content to help drive your sales or improve corporate communications. avistaGO can be located in many different environments such as IPTV, retail, hospitality, entertainment, service stations, convenience stores, banks, corporate training, or the lobby of your office building.

avistaGO is your digital media and communication platform.

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