The avistaGO System

avistaGO is an intuitive web-based digital asset management and location-based broadcasting system.

avistaGO offers unlimited possibilities to advertise, inform, and educate.

Advertising can increase revenue potential for retailers with dynamic eye-catching advertisements using LCD, plasma, interactive kiosks or web players. Hospitality and entertainment providers can improve guests’ experience by offering them an interactive experience using touch screens to easily find and enjoy everything your location has to offer.

For those who are on the go, Public Communication can quickly update messages using state of the art multimedia. In an Educational environment, avistaGO creates a powerful educational medium for local broadcasting and interactive teaching. In the Corporate world it can improve company communications and help create a well-informed employee community.

avistaGO Product Suite

The avistaGO product suite provides a simple-to-use yet powerful narrowcast digital media management system, distribution, and location based broadcasting system. It has been designed to allow Out Of Home (“OOH”) marketers and media network operators to enhance their marketing message quickly, easily and efficiently from any location around the world. With avistago, the day-to-day operation of display devices is not a burden to any on-site personnel.

avistaGO, takes a structured approach to working with digital assets and broadcasting. avistaGO has nine workflow modules:-

  • user administration
  • media library
  • encoding (images & video )
  • playlist management
  • schedule management
  • player management
  • real time announcements
  • release management
  • playback reports

Each of workflow module plays a specific role in the workflow process. When you’re in a module, you have access only to the tools and operations deemed relevant to that part of the process. This approach help make avistaGO easy to learn and use, while remaining a powerful corporate publishing solution.

With avistaGO, it’s easy to organize your content, add attention-grabbing overlays and stream live news and weather RSS feeds. avistago gives you the creative freedom and control to author and broadcast in full HD and then dynamically broadcast in 1080p, 720p, or 480p to any remote Windows-based player offering dramatic savings in post-production.

Market Overview Presentation

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